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Greetings and warm welcome to our cookware review website split-it. On this website you will find recommendations on great cookware that will really bring you forward in your cooking skills regardless of if you are a beginner or have been cooking for years.


Saucepan Set Awards 2015


This year we have four different categories. Each one has a variety of different options for taste and budgets.

Best Saucepans for induction hobs
Top Rated Saucepan sets
Our Top Four Tefal Pan Sets

We also have extensive reviews for two of our favourite saucepan sets. One for our long time love affair with Circulon Infinite and our new favourite for its ingenuity and design the Tefal Ingenio range. Both great saucepan sets in their own way.

Low Fat Fryers

This is our new section where we cover the increasingly popular low fat fryers.

Firstly, we have an in-depth review of Tefal Actifry. The new type of fryer that requires less fat and does more than just cook chips. We also look at it’s nearest rival the Actifry by Philips and the Breville Halo Plus.

You can find out about all the other options here: Best Low Fat Fryer Reviews!

Hopefully there is enough useful information on this site to get you cooking :-)


Five things to consider when buying Saucepan Sets

1) Cooking Skills

How good are you at cooking? If you love cooking then you know investing in high quality saucepans is worth it because it’s going to bring you more enjoyment knowing you are using the best tools you can.

If you are a beginner just starting out then you might not be sure what you want from your saucepan yet. It is worth noting that regardless of your cooking skills, good quality saucepan sets will improve your cooking. Cheap saucepans can make cooking hard work and make you look bad when you have to scrape your egg off of a cheap saucepan which doesn’t have a non-stick coating, or worse the coating came off.

With high quality saucepan sets you are less likely to burn food, overcook vegetables or scrape anything because they are made to do their job well.


2) Every day wear & tear

When you use a saucepan set every day they can easily get knocked about or accidentally dropped onto a tiled kitchen floor. Can the cookware you want cope with this or will you need to be really careful?

How well can your desired saucepan set cope with scratches? For example you are in the middle of cooking and can’t find the wooden spoon so use a metal utensil instead. How scratch resistant is the pan?

Finally, after all the cooking is done and the food is eaten, how easy are they to clean or better yet, can you throw them straight into the dishwasher without worrying about the colour of the pans dulling.

3) Length of use

How long do you want to keep your saucepans for? The truth is that the more expensive brands tend to be more durable than the cheaper brands. This is reflected in the fact that manufacturers like Circulon and Anolon offer lifetime guarantees.

4) Weight & Size

Weight is another important aspect to consider. Ideally you want something that you can easily carry and pour from but weighty enough to feel steady on a hob.

The size or volume of saucepan sets advertised is its full capacity but the actual quantity you can put into the pan will be roughly two thirds the dimension marked on the saucepan.

5) Can you ‘handle’ it? (excuse the pun)

A saucepan handle may be the last thing you think about when looking at saucepan sets but actually they are a really important part of the product. You want a handle that is comfortable to hold and one that will not slip out of your hands when it gets wet. If you intend to use your pans in an oven then ensure that the saucepan set is oven proof.